Coventry Cathedral September Abseil 2024

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  • Date:

    28th September 2024

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  • Location:

    Coventry Cathedral

  • Summary:

    This event is sure to give you an adrenaline rush and has quickly become one of our most popular challenges! Why not take a walk on the wild side down Coventry Cathedral?

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    Why not take a walk on the wild side down Coventry Cathedral? See Coventry from new heights as you walk 90 feet down the side of the city’s beautiful cathedral!

    Join us on Saturday 28th September between 10am and 5pm. You will set off in 30 minute time slots which will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so get in quick to choose your preferred time!


    Sign up for just £20 today!

    Registration for this exciting event costs just £20 and you are required to raise a minimum of £200 sponsorship for Myton. With your help, we are hoping to raise £35,500 from this event!

    Please note to take part in this event you have to be over the age of 16 on the day and if you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


    Sign up for just £20 today!


    If you have any question please get in touch by sending an email to

  • FAQs

    Q – How much sponsorship do I have to raise?

    A – Your registration fee of £20 covers the costs of the event. To help raise money for The Myton Hospices we are asking each participant to raise a minimum of £200.

    This money has to be pledged BEFORE the 28th September to allow participation in the event. With your help, we are hoping to raise £35,500 from this event!


    Q – How tall is the Cathedral?

    A – 90ft tall!


    Q – What is the minimum age for participants?

    A – Participants can take part from the age of 16. Any abseilers under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian present at the event and prepared to sign an Indemnity form.


    Q – What is the maximum age for participants?

    A - These activities are mentally and physically challenging, but we will not stop any older person from having a go if they believe themselves to be fit enough. If there is any doubt, we advise that the participant should ask their doctor.


    Q - Can people with disabilities take part in the event?

    A - Abseil Events UK (AEUK)/Eight Point Two (8.2) is very keen to provide the opportunity for anyone with a disability with the opportunity to take part in its events. Charities should speak with 8.2 about specific disabilities and discuss the opportunity for a person’s involvement.

    Please note that the provision of abseiling for people with disabilities can be a very specialist area, requiring additional technical equipment and knowledge as well as taking a great deal more time and instructors.

    In addition, many of the unique venues that we use also aren’t suitable to deliver this specialist area.

    Please contact The Myton Hospices ASAP if you would like to discuss this further.


    Q - What to wear during my abseil?

    A - Sport type outer wear is ideal. Lace up trainers, jogging/training trousers, full arm length t-shirt would be best as they offer ease of movement and some protection from grazes. Avoid very loose clothing – scarves, neck jewellery, rings and hooped ear rings. If the location is a remote site (away from an office building) or if the abseil is in the cooler months, then a light coat will be useful when waiting.


    Q - Can people participate whilst in fancy dress?

    A - Most costumes are fine, and the harness, helmet, etc. can be fitted over them. However, we reserve the right to not allow someone in fancy dress if we think the costume will compromise the safety of the participant. Please bring your costume on the day, but also bring a change of clothes.

    If possible, please email in advance to let us know the type of costume you will be wearing so we can check with 8point2 for its suitability.


    Q - What is the maximum weight for participants?

    A – 17 stone (108kg) for abseils. Larger people need to be fitted with a chest harness in addition to the waist harness. At some sites, participants may need to climb over a fence or rail to get to the abseil; therefore they must have ease of movement in order to do this.


    Q - What is the minimum weight for participants?

    A - 6 stone (38kg) for abseils. AEUK/8.2 reserve the right to prevent someone from doing an event if they are too light, and the weather is inclement, i.e. windy. Lighter people can get blown around more. This is not a frequent occurrence.


    Q - Can someone participate if they’ve recently had an operation / injury?

    A - If AEUK/8.2 have any concerns about a person’s health then we will request that the person seeks their doctors’ approval. Ask them to explain that the harness will go around their hips and waist, and all their weight will be held by this harness…participants usually know themselves whether this will feel too uncomfortable for them.


    Q - Is the equipment safe?

    A – From AEUK/8.2: “All of our equipment, especially ropes, are stored, maintained and replaced, as for the standard practice recommended by the manufacturers. All equipment is checked frequently and retired if there is any damage to any part. The equipment we use has an unspecified working life, and in his role as a technical advisor, Ian Loombe is qualified to make any inspections needed.”


    Q - Does 8.2 use qualified instructors?

    A - 8.2 only employ qualified staff when used in instructor roles, and we are governed by the MLTE (Mountain Leader Training Board- England) and the BMC (British Mountaineering Council). Ian Loombe is a member of AMI (Association of Mountaineering Instructors). Please look at and for more information. All of our instructors are First Aid qualified; they must be, in order to maintain their instructor qualifications.


    Q - How will the event run?

    A - There are 5 basic stages to the event, but these are location dependant:

    1. Participants register with the charity / event organizer.

    2. Participants are brought in groups of 5 to the kitting-up area by charity staff.

    3. 15 minutes before their time slot arrives, the participant is kitted-up by an AEUK/8.2 instructor & brought to the abseil station in groups.

    4. Participant abseils at the time specified. At abseils a member of the charity should meet participants at the bottom & help maintain a “safe area” at the bottom of the abseil.

    5. Participant returns to registration desk with kit which is brought back to AEUK/8.2 staff with the next group.


    Q - What happens if I don’t raise the £200 minimum sponsorship?

    A - We will aim to support you as much as possible in the lead up to the event to ensure you reach your £200 target amount. We ask for people to raise this figure to cover our event costs and also to help us achieve our £35,500 target. As this is a minimum sponsorship event we will be asking people who have not raised this amount before the event itself to make a donation to Myton which would make up the total amount (ie if you have raised £150 we would appreciate you making a £50 donation on the day to cover this cost). We do appreciate that circumstances can be difficult so if you are having problems with your fundraising or have any concerns at any point please get in touch via
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