We are celebrating Charity Shop Fashion Week!

This week marks the start to Charity Shop Fashion Week 2023...


Running from 25th September to 1st October, a social media campaign that aims to showcase the sustainability, diversity and creativity involved in charity shop fashion.


Here at The Myton Hospices, we have over 20 shops across Coventry and Warwickshire selling everything from homeware, furniture, toys and of course, clothing, shoes and accessories.


Alongside our incredible teams behind the shops, our eCommerce team and volunteers work hard to promote interesting items on our online selling platforms to maximise profits for Myton.


Lisa, eCommerce Assistant, said...

Here in the eCommerce Hub we support the shop managers by helping them to connect to a wider market and unlock fundraising potential by listing items on online marketplaces – Ebay, Depop and Thriftify.

The popularity of ethical and second-hand fashion is on the rise and online selling is a great way for our shops to reach the fashion-conscious - those looking for unique, creative and high quality pieces that we are lucky enough to have donated to our charity.

The platform we use depends on the item.

We typically use eBay for true vintage, pieces of niche interest, designer and high end; Depop for vintage and unusual items that would appeal to a younger audience; and Thriftify gets a little bit of everything, from Zara to Chanel.

The fashion industry is, unfortunately, the world’s second biggest polluter, losing out on that title only to gas and oil.

This has been driven by the decades-long era of fast fashion that we are seeing at its peak, so what we are doing here to save not only fashion, but quality fashion, from landfill, feels incredibly important, not to mention that it is all done in the name of supporting patients.

Thriftify is an exciting, relatively new platform launched in Ireland in 2018 with the ambition to help change the way people shop by empowering them to make a sustainable choice and contribute to the circular economy.


Thriftify’s overall sales of second-hand gems in 2020 stopped the release of 36.7 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Putting this into context, the equivalent impact of this thrifting is 1,723 trees absorbing CO2 daily, 5,942 cars off our roads daily, 4,676,862 mobile phones charged and 11,945,088 litres of water being saved.


Charity shop fashion whether bought online or from a high street shop, allows items to be loved again and again, supporting a worthy cause helping to fund the care of 1 in 4 patients here at Myton and helping protect our environment for future generations.


Keep your eyes peeled this week to see some incredible outfits compiled by Lisa to inspire you to head out to our shops or browse our online platforms to see what you can come up with, tailored to your own taste!


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Looking for a bargain while doing something amazing and supporting The Myton Hospices at the same time? Why not head over to our Retail page where you'll find more on all of our shops, how to visit our Thriftify page and other venders like eBay! 

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