Last October, we held our second Children’s Bereavement Workshop & Parent/Carer Support Group following the success of the first workshop in Spring

We know that bereaved children have specific needs. Some may benefit from 1:1 therapy and others may find a group setting more beneficial, meeting other children in similar situations in a relaxed and fun environment.  Sometimes, both interventions may be needed.


Because of this, our Children’s Bereavement Workshop offers children a group setting to explore their emotions and gives them the time, space and freedom to grieve in a normal and safe environment.


Alongside the Children’s Bereavement Workshop, we facilitate a Parent/Carer Support Group where parents/carers can come together and share their personal experiences in a safe environment. We are also running our Family Festive Fun Event again in December for our workshop group.


This workshop’s theme was centred around “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”, a beautiful book explaining the cycle of life and death to young children using the seasons of the year.


Sticking to the autumnal theme, the children channelled their creativity to create 3D trees and woodland scenes to explore their own lives, families and experiences.


Parents and children also worked together on further activities which aimed to explore how families have the ability to adjust following the loss of a loved one and in time, can move forward, albeit in a different form.


It was a lovely and emotional day for all concerned. These workshops prove to be extremely beneficial and increase confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem in the children whilst providing a safe space for the parents/carers.


We couldn’t offer this service without the incredible support from our community. We’d like to thank The Carl Lewis Foundation for donating £600 to run these sessions


Find out more about The Carl Lewis Foundation and our workshops here

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