As Christmas approaches at The Myton Hospices, clinical staff have been sharing their thoughts, feelings and memories of this time of year with us.


Over the Christmas period we will be sharing a series of blogs with you which highlight what it’s like at Myton and for our nurses out in the community during the festive season.


With the last of our three annual Light up a Life services taking place last weekend we wanted to start by sharing a poem written by Deputy Sister on our Coventry Inpatient Unit, Karen O’Shea:


Light up a life

The day has been chilly it’s now growing dark

The people who are driving are trying to park

The crowd is getting larger as people join the throng

They are here and ready to raise their voices in song


The tree is shining brightly adorned with flickering lights

Feelings of anticipation begin to reach their heights

Families have gathered to remember people they have loved the best

Understanding that the emotion of tonight will put them to the test


They want to be there to show how much they cared

And as a mark of respect on an evening for which they feel they have prepared

Some recognise faces from other rooms that they have come to know

Of families who have journeyed in a different way, but also


The choir feel proud to stand ahead of the crowd

Much preparation has enabled them to stay in tune and sing out loud

The CEO is to the front and on her feet, she is happy today to feel a little less elite

Working hard she tries to keep the melody sweet, the pleasure of singing is clearly a treat


Volunteers are here bringing their own particular cheer, dotted amongst the gathering

Quietly making a difference for which they require no flattering

They are the people who are always “just there”

Whose names won’t be remembered as much as their tea and care


The orator chosen for her clarity of speech carefully adds to the proceedings

Her words she has memorised, but still she feels nervous preceding

She skilfully delivers her thought provoking reading

This serves to remind us of the purpose of the evening


The staff who watch from indoors are secretly glad of the one way glass

They feel privileged to have looked after the people who came to pass

When individuals they recognise outside catch their eye

They reminisce which intermittently makes them smile and cry


The silence falls, the darkness has now descended

The poignancy of the event is reaching a crescendo as intended

Families lifted from the blackness of the night

Remember someone whose name now shines with light


Everyone here carries the loss of one who is with us no more

A person who has left a big gap for sure

But tonight has enabled them to stop and think, to feel and to recall

The way they feel about the person that has their name upon the wall.


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