Corporate Social Responsibility – can your company afford not to be involved?


Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR as it is more commonly referred to – three simple words that are having a far-reaching and lasting impact on businesses, organisations and charities across the country. The benefits are huge for all concerned.


Charities and community organisations receive vital support in the form of volunteer help and crucial boosts to the coffers. Companies meanwhile reap the reward for their involvement with a happier and more involved workforce with a greater sense of belonging, the joy of giving to the communities around them and, last but definitely not least, a massive PR boost.


Never before has the responsibility to our planet and our local communities been higher on the news agenda. Being a responsible employer can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best staff. And the business benefits to a company come with stats to back them up too.


A survey by the UK Small Business Consortium revealed that 88 per cent of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.


All of these benefits come at a small cost of giving staff a few hours off to volunteer for a good cause or a simple cash donation or sponsorship – money the tax man would be more than willing to take off your hands anyway! In short, everyone is a winner when it comes to CSR.


So, the question really is – can your company afford to not be involved?


Here at The Myton Hospices we rely heavily on CSR. The support of businesses across our region playing a vital part in enabling us to provide free care and support for terminally ill people and their families.


The support of companies, along with the amazing community support we receive, helps us raise the £9.2 million we need to raise this year to do what we do; from end of life care to day hospice services, bereavement counselling to lymphoedema services and all between to support patients and families through the most difficult of times.


It doesn’t matter how small or large your firm is or how much time or money you can give, every single penny and every single volunteer hour make a massive difference to us and a massive difference to you.


The benefits to Myton need no further explanation – but what about the businesses who support us?


One of our loyal supporters is Staysure, who have committed to providing 80 volunteer days to Myton throughout 2018, as well as helping us fundraise and taking part in our fabulous corporate events. Staysure’s sales manager Cheryl Smalldon knows only too well about the amazing work Myton does, as her dad was cared for by us in the final days of his life last year.


She said:


Staysure partnered with Myton as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda which allows employees to not only give something back to the community, but raise awareness of the amazing work Myton do, which is funded almost entirely by donations. We have committed to 80 volunteer days for Myton in 2018 where employees will be able to take a full day away from the office supporting this wonderful charity, which is so close to my heart, in a meaningful way.

The benefits to our business and our workforce are also fantastic – customers like to know we are a firm that gives back to the community and staff love belonging to a company that recognises the importance of doing its bit, especially for such a fantastic local cause. A day out of the office isn’t a bad incentive either!

If you would like to find out more about how your business and staff can benefit from CSR involvement, please call a member of Myton’s  Corporate team on 01926 838817 or e-mail alternatively fill out the short form below.