Our brand new Sustainability Group has hit the ground running.

Our brand new Sustainability Group has hit the ground running to ensure our processes are as sustainable as possible and to create alternative ideas to establish new environmentally friendly developments across The Myton Hospices.


Take a look at what’s been done below!



Our retail team has worked hard to minimise waste. We have reduced paper forms and storage and replaced with online platforms, we have introduced recyclable Christmas card packaging and waste at each shop is now fully segregated and recycled wherever possible.

The Myton Hospices - Recyclable Christmas Cards
The Myton Hospices - Recyclable Christmas Cards


Our recycling efforts have increased across our Estates. We now receive our NHS supplies in reduced plastic packaging, we have regular collections of batteries and old lights and our waste is collected co-mingled, meaning all waste is segregated and recycled at the plant. Any waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill is now powering homes and businesses!


We have installed solar panels at our hospices, thanks to grants we received. We also turn the first-floor heating at our Coventry Myton Hospice down at night and at weekends when it is not in use.


Similar to our shops and retail team, we have more electronic maintenance systems in place which is reducing our paper and printing outputs.

The Myton Hospices - Solar Panels
The Myton Hospices - Solar Panels
The Myton Hospices - Solar Panels


Food waste produced by our main kitchens is collected weekly and used to produce bio-fuel. The group are working to implement food waste bins to our staff and volunteer kitchens as well.


We have also swapped some of our cleaning chemicals with environmentally friendly products.


People Services

Sustainability is now a regular agenda item at our ‘One Myton People Forum’, for staff to discuss opinions and ideas on the topic.


Reducing paper and printing is also occurring in our People Services team. Our Incidents and Clinical Events processes along with our HR and Volunteering systems are now electronic.


Income Generation

Countless initiatives have been put in place to limit our wastage, including:


  • Single use plastic bottles are no longer in circulation at our events.

  • The number of event medals have been reduced and are now created from recycled materials.

  • We did not purchase any new Santa suits for our 2023 Santa Dash. Instead, reusable Santa t-shirts were on offer and we encouraged our dashers to wear their own fancy dress.

  • We are reviewing which marketing materials are most effective to see if we can further limit the use of posters and flyers.

Alongside these initiatives, our Christmas Tree Recycling Collection with Pass the Smile and Just Helping this year saw trees being used for biomass.

The Myton Hospices - Santa Dash Fancy Dress
The Myton Hospices - Christmas Tree Collection
The Myton Hospices - Santa Dash Fancy Dress

Clinical Teams

Paper outputs have also been addressed in our Clinical teams, by minimising the use of hard copy diaries, removing cardboard trays in use on our Inpatient Units and we are reviewing the paper forms used for handover procedures.


In addition to this, sustainability issues are discussed in medical team meetings to share ideas to further improve upon our efforts.


The Sustainability Group will continue to work towards reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring our sustainability for the future.