The Renault Zoe Owners Club Break New Record while raising vital funds

Craig and Jan-Bart, owners of the Renault Zoe and proud members of the Renault Zoe Owners Club, recently set out to make history in the Renault Zoe 22kw. The mission was to travel further than two people ever have in a Zoe and in turn raise money for The Myton Hospices. Their phenomenal efforts saw them travel half way across Europe, arriving in Austria, and breaking the record for the longest distance ever travelled in a Renault Zoe 22kw without stopping for anything other than charging.

The journey that Made History

The journey covered six countries including England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and finally arriving at their target destination, Austria, and they stopped at 19 different charging stations on the way. The colossal journey for the small Renault Zoe was expected to take a total 41 hours, 30 minutes, however the good fortune of the drivers saw them fly around Europe much faster than expected. Leaving on Thursday 26th May at 00:30, their incredible journey came to a conclusion when they arrived in Austria the next day at 10:30am, an incredible 32 hours of constant driving!

Not only did Craig and Jan-Bart beat their expected time by an impressive 9 hours 30 minutes, they also made history. The journey set a new standard for the Renault Zoe and their trip covered a whopping 917 miles. This incredible feat is now the furthest distance two people have ever covered in a Renault Zoe in one driving spell, with only charging stops included. Their efforts have proven that incredible achievements can be accomplished when you’re motivated to do something for a good cause.

The Renault Zoe’s Performance

The impressive distance by the two gentlemen goes to show the capabilities of the Renault Zoe. A small, compact fully electric vehicle capable of travelling halfway around Europe with ease. The total 917 miles covered made an average of 48.3 miles before each stop, resulting in 19 stops in total. Not only did the Zoe achieve impressive distances per stop and in total, the engine never exceeded 30 degrees, showing the impressive cooling of the engine. A great achievement and a great testimony to the capabilities of the Zoe.

Renault-zoe-club The Myton Hospices

A Warm Welcome

When the two drivers arrived in Austria, they visited the Austrian Zoe Owners Club and the Treffen 2017, a large electric vehicle event. During their brief stay, they were “treated like royalty” when they arrived and awarded an honorary membership to the Renault Zoe Club for life. Not only were they greeted with a warm welcome, they also raised another £600 for Myton . Their warm welcome and incredible support helped them relax and enjoy their achievements before their journey home.

In total, an incredible £1,800 was raised for Myton, and that is only so far! They far surpassed their target of £1,000 and the money raised will make a huge difference for the hospice. This incredible achievement continues to impress people everywhere and as their story spreads, there may even be more money raised for their chosen hospice yet. Two strangers with a common interest in the Renault Zoe have proven that people can join together to achieve incredible things, travel incredible distances and set new records, all in the name of charity.

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