The Myton Hospices are proudly partnering with AbilityNet, a remarkable organization dedicated to making the digital world accessible to all

Celebrating 25 years of impactful service, AbilityNet are a national charity aiming to empower older and disabled individuals to become more confident with technology.


They provide specialised support services designed to enhance the lives of these communities, such as offering a helpline open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and they also have a network of DBS checked volunteers who provide support to individuals within the comfort of their own homes.


The Myton Hospices has partnered with AbilityNet since spring 2023, providing a series of workshops at our Rugby Myton Support Hub.


Sessions are split into two halves: the first part of the session features an engaging presentation focusing on a specific topic. Previous themes have been an in introduction to AbilityNet, how to identify and avoid scams, and how to navigate The Myton Hospices website to find relevant information effortlessly.


After a tea and biscuits break, the second half of the session is tailored to the specific needs of the service users.


Alex Barker, Disability Consultant at AbilityNet, said:


I find it really important to provide these workshops, specifically to the service users at Rugby Myton Support Hub, as these communities often require the time to go through specific technological processes in order to enhance their day to day life.

After going through a broad topic, such as identifying and avoiding scams, the tailored one to one sessions allow service users to ask specific questions on reoccurring issues.

I have taught service users how to attach images to emails to send photos to their GPs or loved ones, I have recommended specific technological devices based on individual needs, and have helped improve digital communications, such as an online query form between a service user and their insurance company.

I provide practical and experienced advice in a patient and relaxed way, specifically avoiding technological jargon.

Often, these communities get overlooked and aren’t offered the time to be taught more about technology.

These sessions allow barriers to break down and grants more independence and autonomy over their own lives.

Tracey Evans, Patient and Carer Wellbeing Services Lead echoed this, saying:


After discussing with people who attend the Rugby Myton Support Hub groups, it became apparent that many of them felt a lack of confidence to use computers, tablets and mobile phones.

They often felt unsafe to share information and expressed a wish for some support.

This is where Myton has to say a big thank you to Alex from AbilityNet who came to the rescue.

It has been great working alongside him. The participants have learnt a lot from him and he has provided them with the confidence and skills they need.

Alex was able to patiently talk them through how to do online shopping, banking, access the internet, set up email accounts and explain the need to be aware of possible scams.

They are all experts now in regard to finding their way around the Myton website!

Alex has been amazing and we will never forget his wonderful sense of humour and his sweet tooth for cake and biscuits!

He has the ability to make a very dry subject interesting, giving the participants lots of one to one help and offering the services of AbilityNet at their homes if they need further support.

AbilityNet is such a wonderful service and is so needed.


We are proud to be offering this service to our patients and their carers to enhance their technological abilities and empower them to become more independent in their own lives.


Find out more about AbilityNet here

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