What Myton means to me…

We launched our new ‘What Myton means to me…’ campaign earlier this year to highlight what it is that makes The Myton Hospices so unique.

The concept is intended to portray the organisation from a range of perspectives including those of patients, families, staff and even visiting pets. We hope that it gets across both visually and in the words that we’ve used the warm, friendly and often fun place that we know Myton to be.

What Myton means to Peter...

When sharing the campaign we asked people to tell us What Myton means to them, and here is just one example of the heartfelt responses that we have received. We would like to thank Peter for allowing us to share his personal experience of Myton:

“It's a place…

Of incredible care, of laughter and fun,

Full of love and care,

I trusted to care for the most precious jewel in my life from time to time during the last 12 months of her life,

Where my confidence as a carer was built with long chats with nursing staff,

Where nurses, auxiliary and cleaning staff took time to talk,

Where staff worried about patients and families,

Where I called the doctor by first name,

Where some very professional, knowledgeable & specialised care happens still making time for all of the above,

A place that is clean and tidy,

Where I was looked after in bereavement

With a special kind care by a special group of people


Today it's a place......

Where I volunteer,

Where I have laughter and fun,

Where the medical staff still know me when I walk in from time to time,

Where I'll never repay the love and care,

Where incredibly professionally organised fundraising events occur and still the staff can smile,

Event support grows year on year,

Where charitable collections of pennies are as as important as the pounds,

That must continue”


We would really love to hear what Myton means to you...

Please get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #WMMTM or email us by clicking here

Our new strapline

You might have noticed that we are also testing a new strapline as part of this campaign, and we would really appreciate your feedback on what you like or dislike about ‘Enhancing lives, empowering people’ as a strapline for The Myton Hospices by clicking here

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, feelings and memories about what Myton means to you and your loved ones.

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