In memory of Colin Robinson

I am creating this page as a tribute to my good friend’s, Karen Robinson, Dad – Colin Robinson who sadly passed away on 25th Dec 2013.

Unfortunatly, I have never had an opportunity to meet Colin in person but I know that he was wonderfull and dedicated father to his 3 daughters and proud grandfather to his many grandchildren.

In his last weeks Colin recived lots of help from the Myton Hospice. Warm environemnt, good staff and oustanding standard of care he recived have built the confidence in his family that he was comfortable and well looked after.

I would like to donate some money to the hospice that I have recently found and noone claimed it, incidently the money have been found when being out together wih Karen

I would also like to give Karen’s family and friends an opportunity to make a donation to this help-caring and supportive place so they carry on the good work.

May Colin rest in peace and best wished to the Hosipice and it’s staff.


Total Amount Raised £290.00

£20.00 donated by Lynda White on 16 March 2014

£40.00 donated by Clare Stewart on 16 January 2014

£20.00 donated by Lee Proud on 11 January 2014

£20.00 donated by Janice McLeod on 11 January 2014

£20.00 donated by Balaji Aresh on 8 January 2014

£170.00 donated by Marta Katarzyna Pyrek on 8 January 2014
” Thank you for all the care and warmth that you provided Colin with. I know that this money are only drop in the ocean but hope that it will contribute to carrying help to people who need it. “