Charity of the Year

Many companies decide to work with us in partnership for a given period of time; this is usually one to two years, sometimes a month or when we’re really lucky, indefinitely! For us, the advantages of working with local businesses are fantastic…

We are able to build relationships with some great people and in addition to raising money we benefit from a range of skills and experience that we could not afford to access otherwise.

At the same time, you get to experience some fabulous team building opportunities whilst having fun, in and out of the workplace. We will work closely with you for the duration of the partnership to ensure a carefully planned approach is agreed and reviewed on a regular basis, as frequent as appropriate for you.

Whether you choose a charity based on a staff vote, or via a pitch process, our fundraisers are happy to come and present to your staff, or meet you for an informal discussion about partnership possibilities. Alternatively, we can provide you with a written application for support because we ensure that we remain flexible and have an open approach to suit our variety of charity partners and their different ways of working.

For more information about working with us call the Corporate Fundraising team on 01926 838 817 or email