In memory of Jane Swankie

In Memory of Jane Swankie, a loving Mother, Granny and Great Granny who will be forever in our hearts who sadly passed away at The Myton Hospice on Wednesday 23rd January 2013.

Thank you for visiting my page and offering your kind donation to the Myton Hospice In Memory of Jane Swankie.

For those of you who knew Jane, you would know how giving she was to her loved ones and local charities and how pleased she would be to see you give to such a worthy cause that helped her when she needed it most.

The Hospice is dedicated to ensuring that families loved ones who are in their final days are cared for properly with 24 hour nursing. Without your kind donation The Myton Hospices simply would not have the funds to continue their care and support for the next family who need it most so thank you for helping to support a worthy cause.

It was sad to lose my Granny recently but one of the things that consoled me was knowing that she left us whilst in the best of care and that nothing more could have been done for her. Our whole family are so grateful for the care and support that the Myton Hospice provided for our loved one and I want to show them our gratitude by helping them to continue their work for the foreseeable future.



Total amount raised £439.44

£10.00 donated by Martin Blundell on 13 June 2013
” Well done! ”

£10.00 donated by Katie McDowall on 12 June 2013
” Sorry it’s taken me so long Greame! Well done x ”

£10.00 donated by Jason Humphrey on 10 June 2013
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£10.00 donated by Peter Bonnalie on 27 May 2013
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£10.00 donated by Peter Colman on 24 May 2013
” Great stuff, Graeme. We’re glad you hit your target time. Peter & Suzanne (26 Lammas). ”

£5.00 donated by serena kelly on 19 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Alex Merry on 18 May 2013
” Great cause! Your Gran would be very proud! x ”

£40.00 donated by David Wellard on 18 May 2013
” Good luck bro so very proud of you as would granny and grandad be! x ”

£15.00 donated by Lynda Bradshaw on 14 May 2013
” Good Luck! All The Best Lynda + Ross x ”

£10.00 donated by Zachary Bradshaw on 14 May 2013
” Best of luck buddy x *Sweepstake* ”

£10.00 donated by Daniel Crittall on 14 May 2013
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£10.00 donated by Tom Parr on 14 May 2013
” Good luck Graeme, God willing you can do it. ”

£5.00 donated by Simone Smith on 14 May 2013
” Run Graeme Run ”

£10.00 donated by Rajiv Kapur on 12 May 2013
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£10.00 donated by Rhian Sutcliffe on 11 May 2013
” Good luck xx ”

£15.00 donated by Milan Gohil on 10 May 2013
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£40.00 donated by Gillian Wellard on 6 May 2013
” Dad & I are so proud of you as Granny & Grandad would have been.Go on son run for them. Love you Mum & Dad xx ”

£5.00 donated by Ben Fielding on 3 May 2013

£5.00 donated by Matthew Thompson on 1 May 2013
” Hope you run a Pb and do your Gran proud ”

£22.22 donated by Tabish Shah on 1 May 2013
” ”

£22.22 donated by Tabish Shah on 1 May 2013
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£25.00 donated by Ashwin Khanna on 28 April 2013
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£25.00 donated by Johan Terpstra on 23 April 2013
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£5.00 donated by Mike Hayward on 8 April 2013
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£50.00 donated by Martin Heller on 5 April 2013
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£50.00 donated by Lindsey Wellard on 1 April 2013
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