In memory of Matthew O’Brien (Paddy)

My beloved Matthew was born at 3am on a November night, he was my first born, and his grandparents first grandchild, cherished by us. He was a delightful baby, happy and smiley, a constant source of joy to me.

He skipped into primary school without a backward glance to his tearful mummy, and continued to love every aspect of school from then. He especially thrived, as did his little brother Drewie, at Wolverton School under Mrs Hill’s hawk like gaze! It was at Wolverton he and Paul became best friends. Paul, Adam and parents Simon and Mary have been remained loyal and supportive friends to us to this day. At age 11, Matthew won a coveted place at King Edward VI grammar school in Stratford upon Avon, mum was so proud of him she nearly burst, much to his embarrassment at the school outfitters.

He continued to grow at King Edward, a popular boy, known to his chums as paddy, he was the swiss roll eating champion, a fierce chess opponent and renowned for his dry and sharp wit. He was particularly fond of Mr Pearson, his esteemed history teacher, whom he accompanied on a tour of eastern Europe in 2000 as part of his history GCSE. He never failed to be impressed by Mr Pearson’s great knowledge and humour. Mr Pearson has kept in touch via facebook, much to the boy’s amusement.

We holidayed every year with Grandad and Grandma, he always enjoyed his time with them, Grandad was greatly respected by him as a role model, and I think Matthew’s unceasing gentlemanlike and polite demeanour is courtesy of Grandad. My brother Phillip, has roared up the M40 on many occasions to look after me when the going got rough, Matthew appreciated that.

On leaving King Edward, he went to the University of Central England, and gained a Bsc Honours degree in advertising and management, he tried living in, but only lasted a week, before Drewie and I got the call to collect, so we dutifully moved him home again. He missed his family and home comforts too much to persevere with grotty student accommodation and lifestyle. He learned to drive, I bought him a car and he braved the M6 to uni every day.

We were a very close little family of three for over 20 years, Matthew coined the phrase, “the tripod” for us, because we looked after each other and functioned as an independent little unit. He was about to begin a Masters, when all ground to a halt with the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour, he lost so much, including his driving license, but carried on regardless.

All through the ensuing years of pain and suffering, disability and loss, he conducted himself with enormous dignity, intelligence and tenacity. I have never seen such fortitude in one so young, and to the end there were always flashes of his sharp humour, so well reflected in his two books that he was determined to finish, in the hope his words may help someone else.

We are forever grateful to Myton, Warwick, for the skilled, compassionate care they gave us all…and we are forever proud of our brave, gentle and polite “paddy”.

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” You were your mothers son , funny , clever, sincere, inspirational, and a gentleman, proud to have known you Matt . ”

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” In memory of a remarkable young man and family. I’m proud to be a friend of his mum. ”

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” Amount raised from Matthew’s Butterfly fund. ”

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” He was a great guy and Henry loved him x ”

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” what an amazing guy, inspirational, a lesson for us all to live our lives to the full and happily. “