Adult, Children and Young Persons Counselling

Coping with a terminal illness is a huge challenge for patients, friends and family, including children. We provide support for both adults and children, either individually or in groups, to help you cope.

By providing an opportunity to talk to someone who is not directly involved in the situation and by sharing your worries and fears, you can feel less overwhelmed by them. It can also help you feel more in control even though there may be some things you cannot change.

Myton Counselling Service...

Who can be referred:

The Myton Hospices Counselling service is primarily for the use of hospice patients and their families and friends.

Any patient, family member or friend, meeting the above criteria may be referred if they are experiencing high levels of distress or anxiety or having difficulty coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis, deteriorating health or with a death in the family.

Counselling can also be helpful in working through relationship issues which are exacerbated by serious illness and changes roles within a family.

To download a copy of our "Supporting you and your family" leaflet please click here.

Counselling and emotional support...

We offer one to one counselling to Myton patients and their families and support into bereavement.

Bereavement Support...

Your experience of grief is as individual as you. You may have emotions of sadness, anger, guilt, relief or confusion and a feeling of being lost or overwhelmed. All these are a natural response yet they can be painful, hard work and exhausting. We offer one to one bereavement support to patients of Myton and their families.

To download a copy of "Helping You Through Bereavement" please click here.