Welcome to The Myton Hospices’ Poetry Corner

We have decided to set this page up to showcase some of the wonderful literary delights that have been sent in to us by our patients, families and supporters.

If you would like us to publish one of your poems on to our page please send it to us via email at inmemory@mytonhospice.org or call Danni on 01926 838 830 to find out more.

Grandad Ireland – written by Paige

We had a wonderful grandad,

One who never really grew old;

His smile was made of sunshine,

And his heart was solid gold;

When I think about my grandad,

He definitely was one of a kind,

When I think about my grandad;

I know he was a wonderful guy.


With tears in are eyes we watched you pass away

and although we love you dearly

we could not make you stay.

A Golden heart stopped beating

hard working hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best.


So as times passes our tears will dry,

And our hearts will mend,

but our love for you grandad will never end

Pendant – written by David

 An invisible pendant

Around my neck

And if it were visible and seen

Would it bother me, no by heck.

It’s heart shaped and glistening

As bright as a million solar flares

And if people saw it and commented

I’d say so what, who cares.

The pendant my sweetheart is you

A treasure chest of diamonds and gold

A cavalcade of moons, suns and stars

Forever in my heart for me to hold.

In Loving Memory of Chris – written by John

In January I lost my beloved wife

Dear Chris was the soulmate of my life.

The heartbreak I’m suffering is hard to bear,

I still can’t believe that she’s not there.


She came to Myton – it was her wish

I think to alleviate my anguish.

The staff were wonderful during her short stay

And today I thank you for hosting this day.


And now fast approaches the time of Yuletide;

It won’t be the same without Chris by my side.

But the kids and grandkids will make sure I am fine

What for me will be a difficult time.


And finally I’d like to say

Keep helping the sick and infirm every day.

Your work is appreciated not only by me

But also by the rest of my family.

Place Your Love – written by David

Place a heart upon a rainbow

Place a kiss on cheek

Place strength to continue

On those feeling weak.

Place a hand upon a hand

Place your love which has rusted

For there is a space now

Vacated by one you trusted.

Place your words carefully

Speak them into the air

So they can be heard

By the one who is not there.

Place every teardrop that falls

Into the valley of streams

And hold close the one missing

Within your night time dreams.

Mind’s Eye – written by Rene

When Low in Spirit I can go

To where my eyes can see,

The wonder of a secret place

Where no one else can be.

In my mind’s eye I can walk

Where sunlit mountains rise,

Where purple heather reaches up

To meet the morning skies.

And high above the valley

Where the silver water sings,

The golden eagles hang aloft

On silent, spreading wings.

I watch the sliding shadows

As a mirrored image seen,

Where white clouds drift majestically

On grey to softer green.

In my mind’s eye I can see

The landscape, wild and free,

A special place I keep inside

The secret heart of me.

Time – written by Peter 

It can give many emotions – some good, some bad,

Too soon our loved ones ran out of it – so very sad.

It can catch you out – with such a fright,

It can come in a package – shiny and bright.

Myton, you gave yours– when needed most,

Here it was special – right on the post.

Mostly it’s great – wonderful and kind,

At its best – with a joining of minds.

It’s sad at Christmas – missing friends,

Treasure it for ever – To each day’s end.

 No Time – written by Rene

It’s time to put my slippers on

To join the human race,

But someone’s moved my toothbrush

And has used up all the paste.

It’s time to get the children up,

It’s time to pour the tea,

The bacon crackles in the pan,

This time it’s up to me.

There’s been a little squabble,

No time to talk it through,

It seems she found her favourite doll,

Stuck head first down the loo.

It’s time to shout, ‘Be careful,’

As they head out of the door,

I’d like another cup of tea

But there isn’t anymore.

It’s time to put my coat on,

It’s time to catch the bus,

‘‘Hello, I haven’t seen you…’

‘Sorry, I’m in a terrible rush.’

I’ve loaded up my plastic bags,

I’m heading for the door,

A wheel fell off my trolley

And I can’t carry any more.

Just time to walk the High Street,

To catch the bus again,

I can’t put up my brolly,

Haven’t seen the sun since, When?

It’s time to feed the animal,

The dog is barking mad,

The cat won’t even talk to me

And the hamster’s looking sad.

It’s time to wash the dishes

And it’s time for the machine,

And Harry’s playing football

And his kit is still pale green.

It’s time to do the cleaning

And it’s time to make the beds,

It’s time I darned a pair of socks

But I can’t find any threads.

It’s time to take the dog out

Then, it’s time to iron that shirt,

He only wore it yesterdayWhere did it gather dirt?

It’s time to put the meat in

And it’s time to wash the veg,

And again I’ll clean the window

Where the cat’s been on the ledge.

It’s time to smile and say,

‘That’s very good, I knew you could,

And now get out to play.’

I’ve washed the doll and dried it off

Used bleach while in the sink,

But it won’t be going anywhere

Because its hair turned pink,

That gloating clock is looking down,

That face that rules sublime,

It’s ticking loudly in my head,

It watches all the time.

Its singing chime reminds me

That I only have an hour,

I see the cakes I made have gone

But I must sweep up the flour.

I turn away, concealing hate

As I prepare for bed,

A heavy hammer in my hand

To smash its timeless head…..