Jim’s Story

While Coventry father-of-two, Jim Chandler, was staying at Warwick Myton Hospice, he was made to feel right at home.

His family also received a warm welcome and were able to visit him at any time. This included his beloved dog, Tashi, who soon became accustomed to the new surroundings, trotting down the corridor to Jim’s room with tail wagging.

Tashi and Jim were very close and spent days together at their home in Mount Nod, Coventry, while his wife Janette was at work.

The bond they had was heart-warming and Tashi soon adapted to Jim’s deteriorating condition.

They often played catch with a ball, and Tashi soon found that Jim couldn’t bend down to pick up the ball, so she quickly learned to drop the ball onto his lap. When Jim rested, she would rest, often laying close to him.

Being allowed inside the hospice also meant the world to Tashi who often visited with Janette. Tashi enjoyed exploring the beautiful grounds and often received requests from other patients who wanted to meet her which she delighted in, receiving praise and strokes.

During his stay, Jim told us about his experience. He said:

It is so lovely to have Tashi come and see me and be made to feel so welcome by the Myton team. We spend a lot of time together and I would have really missed seeing her and would have worried about her if she had been left at home. She is a really important part of our family.

The 54-year-old suffered from lung disease and was admitted to Myton for respite and symptom control.

He added:

I wasn’t sure about coming into Myton at first but it is lovely and very relaxing looking out onto the beautiful garden. The staff are brilliant and have really helped me.

Speaking about Myton, Janette said:

I felt so relieved when I arrived at Myton as I realised I wasn’t alone and Jim was going to get the support he needed. Sometimes when you are ill doctors just see an illness or condition but at Myton, they see the person and work hard to deal with any associated symptoms or problems which makes a real difference. I also agree with Jim’s comments about the garden – I did feel I was walking in the Garden of Eden, such a therapeutic feeling.

Sadly Jim died at Myton shortly after telling us his story but his family have kindly allowed us to share it with you to show the difference Myton care can make to the whole family.

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