Andrea’s Story

Alex told us that before his mum was given her terminal diagnosis, Andrea, had a variety of careers under her belt, but was loving her job as a carer for the elderly.


Andrea was diagnosed with a Stage 4, 7cm brain tumour in September 2016, with doctors claiming she had 10-12 years to live.


The diagnosis came out of the blue for her and her family, with the only symptoms she endured being headaches.


The family were completely distraught with the news and wanted to start fundraising and raising awareness to help others in a similar situation.


Andrea was in and out of hospital right from diagnosis, undergoing chemotherapy until Christmas. She managed to spend Christmas at home with her family: husband Craig, sister Nicole, brother Brent and sons Alex, Elliot and James.


Her condition deteriorated after Christmas and after a couple of months back in hospital, Andrea was referred to Warwick Myton Hospice.


She spent 6 weeks at Warwick Myton Hospice, with the whole family making unforgettable and unbreakable bonds with the nurses and staff in our Inpatient Unit.


Andrea sadly died on 28th March 2017, only 6 months after her diagnosis.

The Myton Hospices - Photo collage of Andrea with family


Her family were by her side everyday at Myton, and used the family accommodation at the hospice to be closer to her.


Andrea’s family have also used the counselling service provided by Myton, with Nicole, Craig, Elliot and James using it soon after her death.


Alex is currently using our counselling service.  


He said:

I know this was a massive help to my family to have these services easily available

The family have been keen to raise money and awareness in honour and memory of their beloved mother, sister and wife.


Knowing that brain tumours are one of the least funded cancer research areas, sons Alex, Elliot and James completed the Wolf Run in 2016 in honour of their mother, raising awareness of brain tumours and money for The Myton Hospices. They raised an incredible £2,500!


Alex runs his own company, Maverick Flavours, and started a raffle in July 2022, with all proceeds going to Myton. This was a real community event, with 33 companies donating prizes within 2 weeks of the raffle starting. This raised £500.


Raising a total of over £3,000 in aid of Myton, Alex and his family are keen to share their story in the hope of increasing awareness of brain tumours and of Myton’s services.

The Myton Hospice - Andrea and Alex


Everyone at Myton made it as easy and comfortable as possible, and we are so thankful for everything they have done for us

Alex reflects on his mother’s life fondly, saying she was the most selfless individual he has ever known.

She always cared more about other people than she did herself.

When she was at Myton, the nurses would how she was doing. She would always be more interested in them so would always ask about the nurses and their lives instead.

Alex added:

I have 2 young children, and if there’s one thing I want to pass onto them, it’s her complete selflessness and kindness to others.

The Myton Hospices - Andrea with Alex and Grandchildren

The Myton Hospice’s Adult, Children and Young Persons Counselling Service makes a huge difference for patients and their loved ones. We provide support either individually or in groups to help people cope.


Any Myton patient, or their family or friends may be referred if they are experiencing high levels of distress or anxiety or having difficulty coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis, deteriorating health or with a death in the family at any point. 


You can find out more here

We would like to say a huge thank you to Alex and his family for raising vital funds and awareness for Myton.



Could you help support The Myton Hospices to ensure we can continue to deliver our care free of charge?



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Your donation is the daily upkeep cost of our relatives accommodation

Your donation could fund two hours of specialist nursing care

Your donation could fund a child to attend five bereavement counselling sessions

Your donation covers the cost of one Myton at Home visit

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