Ian’s Story

In a matter of weeks, Ian Dawson went from being an active 46 year old to an inpatient at Warwick Myton Hospice.

Ian, originally from the Forest of Dean, moved to Stratford upon Avon after meeting his partner, Pennie Kendrick, at work.

Well known in the Forest of Dean, Ian was a keen footballer and coached various teams in the local area. During a family trip to Cornwall, Ian fell ill. On his return to Stratford, Ian went to the doctors and was shocked to discover that he had gallbladder cancer. Ian was quickly admitted to hospital where it was believed his condition was incurable but treatable.

Within a few weeks this dramatically changed and Ian was quickly transferred to Warwick Myton Hospice.

When describing the difference coming to Myton made to Ian and his family, Pennie said

Ian being at Myton was a lot better for everyone. Coming here was such a turnaround – they managed his pain brilliantly.

Although Ian’s 12 year old daughter found the situation very upsetting at first, with support from Myton’s family counselling service, she was able to visit her father at Myton and even spent a night in the relative’s accommodation.”


Ian’s family travelled every day from the Forest of Dean to be with him. After a few days, the distance became very difficult for Ian’s mother, Avril, and she was also offered the relative’s accommodation where she stayed for 2 weeks to be close to her son.

Pennie added,

What Myton did for Avril was amazing. If she couldn’t have stayed in the relative’s accommodation the travelling distance would have been horrendous on top of all the stress related to Ian. It’s like being at home here- the hospital was so fast paced, very non-personal and clinical whereas it’s more individualistic and so much calmer here.

Ian sadly died on 16th September 2014. Inspired by their experience at Myton, Ian’s brother, Mark, has since set up a charity to build a hospice in the Forest of Dean, hoping to provide the same level of care they received at Myton for those living with a terminal illness in the region.

At Myton, we passionately believe that the final part of someone’s life is as important as the beginning.

By looking beyond Ian’s illness and treating him as an individual, we were able to quickly respond to Ian’s deteriorating health and provide him and his loved ones with the unique care and support they needed to help them cope during a very difficult time.

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