Clinical Research at The Myton Hospices

At The Myton Hospices we actively encourage staff to engage in research to inform practice and ensure the care we offer is contemporary and based on reliable evidence.

We offer patients, relatives and carers opportunities to participate in research if and when it is appropriate to do so. This is always on a voluntary basis and informed consent is sought from all willing participants.

Feel free to talk to a member of the research team to find out more and to see if there are any opportunities for you to engage in research here at Myton if you feel this is something you would consider.

Meet our Research Team...

  • Lizzy Jenkins - Research Nurse
  • Dr Nicky Baker - Medical Research Lead
  • Dr Liz Freshwater - Associate Medical Research Lead 

We are a research active hospice…

Here at The Myton Hospices we are committed to high quality, evidence-based palliative care. Clinical research is one vehicle that drives this ambition forward.

Health research is finding out new knowledge that could lead to changes in how care is planned, provided for and delivered.

How we govern research at Myton?

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the international ethical, scientific and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted.

It is important that everyone involved in research is trained or appropriately experienced to perform the specific tasks they are being asked to undertake.

Compliance with GCP assures patients and the public that the rights, safety and wellbeing of people taking part in studies are protected and that research data is reliable.

Myton is committed to upholding these standards and all those involved in leading research will be trained according to GCP guidelines.

The Myton Research Governance Group review all research opportunities before a decision is made as to whether we should engage in it. We are passionate about Myton’s overall vision and upholding its core principles, therefore research activity will always be considered with this in mind. 

Get involved…

If you would like to be involved in current or future research opportunities, or find out more about how we are a Research Active Hospice, please contact Lizzy Jenkins, Research Nurse at The Myton Hospices on 02476 841900.